Welcome to my first day of blogging!

Who am I and why I’m here?

I want to tell you about myself and what you’ll find on my new blog.

First let me Introduce and to speak about myself.

My name is Freddie, a father/husband of a happy family. I’m a regular human being with ups and downs, with certain unique talents, i’m using some of my talents on a regular basis, but some are still hidden in myself and will hopefully come out soon, which will make the world better and will also make more happy people.

During the years I had some difficulties in certain areas in my personal life, but I learned how to come over them with the right tips and techniques.

Now i want to explain why I started blogging.

For many years i was investing in my own business, but i also did physical and technical work for other businesses, I’m not sure what’s harder, to be my own boss with no experience, full of headaches, wrong decisions, or working 9-5 (or so) trying to do a proper job for minimum wage plus no potential.

However, fast-forward, during the years after trying, working, investing, mistakes, doing miscalculations, I learned loads of tips and information from my own experience, from other people, plus i was reading books and blogs for advice in certain areas where many people does the same mistakes.

Sharing my experience with you

So I wanted to write down my ideas, tips and advice of personal live and for business, to remember and to have them available whenever I need them, but i really feel it can also help other people avoiding doing the same mistakes or even by just making them think of another opinion.

You will hopefully enjoy my blog

Kind regards


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Mind – One of the foundations in life

Image result for fractal brain

The mind is such an amazing and important element in life, we use the mind all the time before doing anything.

Let’s split it into multiple sections

  • Natural thinking
  • Too much thinking
  • Blocked mind
  • Others mind
  • Solutions
  • Natural thinking


    Our minds are naturally used, you are simply using your brain when doing any great project without even realizing, you end up doing many things with a mind behind, this is in personal life, in business, or anything you do.

    I know it sounds like a simple thing, the truth is we can see many times in our life, we just copying other people without thinking, because whatever they do looks so amazing, but we are not always capable of copying it right and we give up the whole project, on what we worked so hard for endless hours, days, or even months and years, and then we can keep saying “I can’t be a successful person”.

    So we should always remember before starting anything in life to make sure it makes sense to do this kind of thinks.



    Let’s say you want to start a new business, you have to use your mind to help you make your own decision by doing proper product research to find the real profitable item/niche, instead of getting overwhelmed by copying other people’s niches or getting lost from a long list of the colourful range of items available on Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, without doing any research and calculations to be sure you can make any profits of this amazing niche (I hope to write soon an extra post about real calculations).

    Make always research before picking an item from Amazon or eBay categorize?

    Or maybe you just want to be the cheapest in the market and you are just losing money and you crash the whole market price.

    Personal life

    Are you one of the people who buy home products only because a new style just came out, because you saw an advert for a new kind of product? Or are you copying other people to buy just because they bought it, e.g. appliances or daily shopping, or they use credit cards, beyond there budget without doing any calculations it should make sense to their budget?

    Image result for money being thrown away

    My own experience

    Image result for flexibilidad con el cliente

    This is one of my major experiences in my own life, I hope this will open the mind for other people in this subject, there are much more details we can split it into, but I just wanted to touch the subject, and it’s important to see wherever we can make progress of using the mind.

    Kind regards


    The next post will be about “too much thinking”, stay tuned…..

    P.S. I’m not perfect with grammar and writing skills, I’m learning while writing, I will appreciate whoever can volunteer to edit my posts before publishing (or maybe you like it better the original way I’m writing?) just let me know in the comment box below.

    Spinning with post ideas … But SOLVED

    Good morning everybody

    Thank you for all my now subscribers and a extra thanks to Renard Moreau for your commend.

    I had a big WOW to see how fast my first post has been seen in less then an hour, i expected to take a while till people will see my post, but it took much faster then i expected.

    I never wrote on any blog before and I wanted to organise my list of post ideas to write in my second post, I really started panicking when i saw the “….creating your next post?” message from WordPress…

    My head started spinning with mixed post ideas, so i had to go out for a walk in a quite area with some fresh air, slowly my mind started to be clear and to settle down, suddenly came in to my mind….


    I have important points to share about the mind, which i feel it’s the number one important element for personal live, and in the business world.

    I already started writing this post, i hope to have it ready soon…

    For now, enjoy the rest of your weekend with your family

    Kind regards


    P.S. I’m just learning how blog is going, I’m not perfect with grammar and writing skills, i’m learning while im writing, i will appreciate who ever can volunteer to edit my posts before publishing (or maybe you like it better the original way i’m writing?) just let me know in the comment box below.

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